My name is Paul Gill and I'm an Illustrator/Animator living in Vancouver, BC. I was born here and have been drawing since I was just a kid. Inspired by all the cartoons, books and comics I could get my eyes on, I was dedicated to becoming a professional artist.

In 1998 I went to Vancouver Film School where I graduated in the Classical Animation program. From there I worked randomly throughout animation studios in town, but wanted to do more of my 'own' work. I started  practicing illustration and animation on my own over the next few years to create a portfolio that would help me get freelance work.

In 2003 I enrolled in the Illustration and Design program at Capilano University and graduated in 2005. I immediately found myself as an artist in the video game industry working for Electronic Arts. At this point I had been making a name for myself with my freelance work and had been getting many projects through Wasserman + Partners in Vancouver, leading to the extremely well received "Don't Mess With Karma" ad campaign, of which I am still a part of today.

I'm currently working with a game company called Next Level Games as my day job. But when I get home, it's all illustration. I've recently been accepted onto the roster of RepArt, an illustration representation agency here in Vancouver. I've just opened my first Etsy shop to sell prints and am at the cusp of making a proper name for myself as an illustrator.


Phone: 604-307-3146

All works © Paul Gill 2012. 
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Paul Gill.

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